Mr. Napoli Goes to Finland!

In October of 1995, Hannu Taskinen and Erkki Lounasvuori of the Helsinki City Library arrived in the United States from Finland and spent many weeks visiting public libraries across the country. As a part of that tour, they spent two days at SJCPL talking to Mr. Napoli and staff about their experiences implementing and using the Internet.

On February 8, 1996, Mr. Napoli, in an exchange visit at the invitation of the Finnish Library Association , landed in Finland where he gave several talks about SJCPL's use of technology and his vision for the future of public libraries on the Internet. Below is his itinerary or travelogue and a map of his visit with links to text and photos highlighting the trip:

Note: These pages are still under construction. Not all links for the travelogue below have been established as yet. If you're still interested, come back in about two weeks to check them out. Thanks for your patience.

Map of Finland

The map above of Finland shows the cities and routes which Mr. Napoli took on his speaking tour of Finland from February 8 through February 14, 1996,

Thursday - 8 Feb
Arrival in Helsinki

- Check in at Hotel Anna

- Tour of the Cable Book Library

Friday - 9 Feb

- Train trip to Tampere, Finland

- Talk at Tampere City Library

- Talk at University of Tampere

Saturday - 10 Feb

- Tour New Helsinki City Library

- Tour Old Helsinki City Library

- To Sauna

- Dinner at the Taskinen's home

Sunday - 11 Feb

- Mass at St. Henry's Cathedral

- Walking tour of harbor area

- Kunsthalle Helsinki Exhibit

Monday - 12 Feb

- Flight to Oulu, Finland

- Talk at Oulu City Library

- Talk at University of Oulu

Tuesday - 13 Feb

- Talk at Helsinki City Library

- More Shopping

Wednesday - 14 Feb

- Farewell to Finland
. & Return to US

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