Oscar Nominations


My top five favorite Oscars (in no particular order):

Oscar Gamble

Oscar Madison

Oscar Wilde

Oscar the Grouch

The Oscars

The last one might be a bit of a cop out. I almost went with King Oscar II of Sweden but, well, then this blog would have focused more on the King’s commitment to education and the arts throughout Sweden and Norway during the last thirty years of the 19th century and less on the kind of silly awards given out for the best movie of the year. Who wants to read about that! Am I right?

(We could also focus on Oscar Gamble – who had a very solid 17 year MLB career with, among many others, the New York Yankees but is best known for having arguably the greatest afro in the history of baseball.)

So…onto the silly awards!

The Oscar Nominations were announced this morning and there is good news and bad news. The goods news, I found a great picture of an Oscar Gamble baseball card:


The other good news is that SJCPL already has many of the movies that received nominations. The bad news is that the growing trend in the DVD world is to push back release dates for the big award titles as long as possible. So, we still have to wait on several of the big releases. But rest assured (no, really – I want to to close your eyes and confidently take a break!), SJCPL will have these titles the day that they are released.

In the meantime, here is a list of every movie that received a nomination and whether or not it’s available at the world’s greatest library. For those that are not yet available I have listed their release date. For those without a release date I have selected a random year from Oscar Gamble’s career and listed his batting average, OBP, and slugging percentage. Gosh…I miss baseball.


The Croods

Despicable Me 2

The Act of Killing

Dirty Wars

20 Feet From Stardom

The Lone Ranger


The Great Gatsby

Room on the Broom

Iron Man 3

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Before Midnight

The Hunt


Captain Phillips (January 21st) – Place a hold!

Blue Jasmine (January 21st) – Place a hold!

Bad Grandpa (January 28th) – Place a hold!

Dallas Buyers Club (February 4th) – Place a hold!

Cutie and the Boxer (February 4th) – Place a hold!

All is Lost (February 11th) – Place a hold!

Gravity (February 25th)

The Grandmaster (March 4th)

Philomena (March 4th)

The Book Thief (March 11th)

The Broken Circle Breakdown (March 11th)

Frozen (March 18th)

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (March 11th)

The Great Beauty (March 25th)


American Hustle (1979: .358/.456/.609)

Her (1983: .261/.361/.456)

12 Years a Slave (1974: .291/.363/.469)

The Wolf of Wall Street (1978: .275/.366/.387)

August: Osage County (1984: .184/.318/.440)

Ernest & Celestine (1969: .225/.321/.310)

The Wind Rises (1976: .232/.317/426)

Inside Llewyn Davis (1977: .297/.386/.588)

The Invisible Woman (1980: .278/.376/.567)

The Square (1971: .221/.275/.332)

The Missing Picture (1975: .261/.361.454)

Omar (1972: .237/.331/.326)

Saving Mr. Banks (1981: .238/.357/.439)

Alone Not Yet Alone (1973: .267/.329/.464)

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (1985: .203/.353/.318)

Lone Survivor (1970: .262/.330/.345)



  1. Thanks for the laughs. Inspired!

  2. What about Oscary Mayer? He should be in your top 5, easy!

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