The Eyes Have It.



The Eyes are the windows to the soul.  Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder.  And so on.  Our perceptions are based on what our eye tells us. Our brain is full of images, real or imagined.  Sometimes the image is fleeting, while other times an image will stay with us forever. When we take a photo, we are capturing a brief moment in time. The light is just right through the trees, the first smile of a child is forever frozen in time. My love affair with photography started when I was a teen and i received my Kodak Instamatic X-15 Kodak-Instamatic-X-15We were taking a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and I could not wait to take breath-taking photos and be discovered as the next Ansel Adams. Sadly, the photos didn’t quite turn out as I imagined, but I do remember having some pretty exciting moments hanging out on ledges, playing the professional photographer. I continue to photograph and attempt to take a photo a day, even if it is a picture of my morning coffee or walk to work.  Most anything can be inspiration for a photo. It is just in the way you see it.  If you want to see some exceptional photo talent from photographers in the area, the Main library will once again be exhibiting photos from the Life in Michiana Photo Contest. This year we had over 400 entries! Photos will be on view on both the second and third floors of the Main library from December 9 until January 12.  And if you are interested in seeing a collection of Ansel Adams photographs, visit the South Bend Regional Museum of Art.

For further reading and viewing, here are a few titles to inspire you:

The Print and the Process: taking compelling photographs from vision to expression.

The Unforgettable Photograph : 228 ideas, tips, and secrets fro taking the best pictures of your life.

A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea book: 95 inspiring ideas for photographing your friends, your world.

A World History of Photography.

Humans of New York.

The Day In Its Color : Charles Cushman’s photographic journey through a vanishing America.

Ansel Adams in the National Parks.


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