Tis the season…for facial hair


We are about halfway through November and normally at this time I’m excited because my favorite month is quickly approaching – Christmas lights, candy canes, my birthday, family, shopping…candy canes. However, the last couple of years my excitement for the holiday season has taken a backseat to my excitement for the end of No Shave November. Just after 13 days, my husband is well on his way to joining the cast of Duck Dynasty. When facial hair starts to curl, it’s too long. I remind myself that it could be worse; he could be participating in Movember, in which you grow a mustache for the entire month. Now I have nothing against a good mustache, I just never wanted to be married to one. But in all seriousness, both of these facial hair events are actually for a good cause – to raise cancer awareness. The good news is that No Shave November is actually not a male-only event. The official website suggests, “letting those legs get mangly.” So ladies, don’t feel left out.

I’m sure like many men, my husband finds it highly entertaining to see what he would look like, before trimming down to stubble, with a unique style such as the neck beard, muttonchops, or the Hulk Hogan horseshoe. Fortunately, he does not take these styles seriously, unlike so many facial hair-bearing men have before him. So in honor of this hairy month, below are some great beards and mustaches throughout history.

President Chester A. Arthur










Charlie Chaplin










Henry David Thoreau









Archduke Franz Ferdinand










Chuck Norris







The Robertsons








And my personal favorite:

Col Sanders


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