World Series of Baseball


As I sit here scratching my very itchy beard wondering why I chose growing a beard as the means to support the Red Sox in their post-season ambitions I have to ask myself, why? I mean, it’s not like I have the gorgeous flowing locks of Jarrod Saltalamachia to complement my beard or the sweet grey stripe of David Ross that adds distinction and wisdom.


Well the answer to that why is winning. That’s right, winning. Sports fans are known for their out-and-out crazy superstitions and that seems to be the theme of many commercials nowadays. My favorite is the Quinoa commercial in which a man eats a quinoa patty because he ate one previously and his team won. My wife forgot to wear her Red Sox jersey for game 3 of the World Series and the Cardinals scored 2 runs in the first inning. I chastised her and texted her Dad to let him know the crimes she had committed. He was in full agreement that the Red Sox loss that night was 50% her fault.

That being said here are a few sports related items to take a look at:


Baseball’s 50 Weirdest All-Time Superstitions

Some of these are just plain strange, but like Matt Garza’s need to eat Popeye’s Chicken every time that he starts a game are just plain interesting. The recently retired Jim Leyland of the Detroit Tigers also has a funny superstition!


Fever Pitch

This is one of the best baseball movies of all time. It follows the Red Sox through their 2004 Season in which they broke the Curse of the Bambino. Interestingly, the movie was originally being filmed with the ending to be that the Red Sox went yet another season without winning the World Series and the producers had to change the ending of the movie when the Red Sox against all odds won the World Series.


All Sports Movies

Who am I kidding, sports movies in general are awesome! Whether your a fan of Indiana basketball and have re-watched the Hoosiers movie more times than you can count, or whether you get stuck watching the Replacements every time it runs on television so you can sing along with the “I will survive” song all sports movies are great!


Eleven Rings

Contrary to what Tolkien might have thought, there were actually 11 rings, and Phil Jackson has them all. This book details his interactions with the famous players that Phil Jackson had the pleasure to coach and lead to 11 championship titles.


  1. The playoff beard originated in hockey, so I feel that the MLB should come up with something else. Like the playoff mustache or playoff mullet. Otherwise, great post.

  2. Good blog Alex. Next year you should shave your head.

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