Open Book


I love coming to Open Book and watching how the kids react to all the storybook characters that are here on this event-filled day. Sometimes I think the children have a secret sense of how to find where the latest character is hanging out. Maybe it’s that I am not looking hard enough but what I do see are excited children thronging the library.

Was that a walkie talkie I just saw in some guy’s hand? I swear I just heard him say, “Clifford Lower Level”.
A cloud of children towing their parents rush by with one aim in sight, Clifford.

Or was it the girl in a bright red dress making hand signals?

She makes gestures like the  special ops personnel do, pointing to her eyes and then to the upper level. This is quickly followed by a not-quite-stealthy group of children flying up the stairs to cluster around Cat in the Hat.

I finally come to realize that they find their way around on this busy day by the guiding hand of our great volunteers. The volunteers serve patiently with a smile and a lending hand to direct the flow of children. So if you should want to see your favorite character that day and can’t find them, just look for a volunteer and they will help guide you on your way.


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