Tech Tip # 8 – Bookmarking Websites


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Bookmarking Websites and the Bookmarks Toolbar

Internet browsers are constantly evolving to allow for easier and quicker use. One of the ways that browsers have adapted allows users to bookmark their favorite websites in their browser. Bookmarking a website means that you save that website to an easy to find location that requires only a few clicks to open instead of having to type in the address. There are four commonly used internet browsers all with slightly different ways of bookmarking, so let’s dive in and take a look at the method for bookmarking. It doesn’t matter if you use the website regularly and want to spend less time getting to it, or whether you rarely ever use the website and want to bookmark it so you will not forget. All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

1. The first and most important step is to make sure that you are currently on the website and it is the window that is currently being used. This means that you have the Internet browser open in front of you to the web page you are trying to bookmark.

2. Now it gets tricky, based on what Internet browser you have, you need to begin the process of bookmarking.

Safari & Internet Explorer

 In Safari, you will need to select Bookmarks from the menu bar and go down to Add Bookmark.

Internet Explorer works the same way, except that instead of selecting Bookmarks, you choose Favorites and then Add Favorite.

Firefox & Google Chrome

With both Firefox and Chrome, there is a shortcut that can be used by clicking the star in the address bar when on the page you wish to bookmark. Alternatively you can access the bookmarks through the Tools menu.

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3. What folder to put your bookmark in is important so that you can find it later. When selecting the folder or location to place the bookmark you have several options. The Bookmark menu is the standard place and will just add each new bookmark to the end of the main list. You can also create folders to separate bookmarks out or you can add the bookmark to your bookmark toolbar for the easiest access. *Selecting View from the menu bar and then clicking Bookmark Toolbar will enable the toolbar.

4. The final step is using your new bookmark!!! It is important that you remember where you placed your bookmark, because the list, folder or toolbar is where you will have to go to find the bookmark. So whether you have placed it with all your other bookmarks so you can access it through the bookmarks menu at the top of your screen or the easy to use buttons on the bookmark toolbar, your website is only a few clicks away.

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Here is a look at a bookmark toolbar in google chrome, simply clicking on Beat the Streak takes you to the website shown.

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*If your bookmark toolbar is not appearing, you can enable it through the View option of your menu bar and then select the Bookmark Toolbar option to have it appear. In some Internet browsers it is an option under View, in other browsers there is a Toolbar submenu under the View option which is were the Bookmarks Toolbar can be found.

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Suggested by: Alex, the Library Technician for Main Library

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