Free Computer Classes at SJCPL


Did you know that we have some great free computer classes coming up this month at SJCPL?  Take a look at the classes we are offering in March.  There is something here for all skill levels and interests!  To register, call 282-4630 or use our online calendar.


Internet Skills for Beginners   Monday March 4th at 6 pm

A class designed for new Internet users. You will learn mousing skills, basic search techniques and Internet safety using a Macintosh computer.


Groupon, and Other Ways to Save Money Online   Tuesday March 5th at 11:30 am

Would you like to save money on groceries, entertainment, travel and other expenses?  Come learn about Groupon, and other online coupon sources for local businesses. Make sure to bring your email address and password to the class.


Beginning Excel   Tuesday March 12th at 11:30 am

This class is for somewhat more experienced computer users.  Learn how to navigate an Excel spreadsheet, enter and delete data, use formulas, and perform basic formatting using a Macintosh computer in this one-session class.


Websites for the Hip and Savvy   Monday March 18th at 6 pm

Come and explore some great websites that will allow you to connect with others, save money, enjoy hobbies, learn new skills and find useful information quickly!


Jump the Digital Divide   Tuesday March 19th at 11:30 am

This class is an introduction to using Macs and PCs for new computer users.  The class will help you develop your mousing and word-processing skills and show you how to create, save and organize files. In addition, you will learn how to sign up for and use email.


Introduction to PowerPoint   Monday March 25th at 6 pm

Create attractive presentations with PowerPoint!  You will learn how to format your presentation slides and add colors, images, designs and effects to them.


Please join us to learn something new and have fun!




  1. Are you going to do the same for April?

    I am esp. interested in finding the best place to go to put my photographs. I would say I have about five thousand at this point.
    I want to be able to organize, delete, and do some great editing.

    I also need to put them on my computer.
    I need to learn how to list on ebay. I am now 65, and the learning problems that I had as a child have become acerbated as an adult. My IQ is 120 — but I can hardly read directions and implement them. If I see it done, I’m much better.

  2. Linda, we will have several classes in April. Here is a link for the list of upcoming classes on our reference page: Please scroll down a little bit and you will see the list of classes in the center of the page. Also, we do have tech appointments if you have specific questions that don’t seem to be covered in our classes. If you have any questions about the classes or would like a tech appointment, please contact us at 282-4630.

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