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This year marks the beginning of a new creation. The Library Technicians at the St. Joseph County Public Library have come together to create an ongoing blog of technical tips. These tips will involve past, current, or future technology. Tips could include, but are not limited to: software, websites, applications, shortcuts, events, procedures, or maintenance topics. Some of the tips will be about Library related programs and technology, while some will not. Whether the tip is specific to a particular piece of equipment, or as broad as the Internet we hope you will find these tips useful. Check the bottom of the post for the date of the next Tech Tip.

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Tech Tip # 1

The very first Tech Tip is also an introduction to the Library Technicians. Each and every location of the SJCPL employs a lot of unique and helpful individuals, but today I wanted to talk about the Library Technicians. Each location has a Library Technician whose essential job is to provide basic technological assistance to patrons. This group is the one coming up with some of the tips for this ongoing blog, and I am happy to count myself among them.

You may have known about the Library Technicians, you may even have caught sight of one of these mythological beings, but did you know that you can schedule an appointment with a Library Technician? So, the very first tip is to check the availability of your local Library Technician. You can click here and contact your local branch to see when you can setup an appointment. Appointments are not necessary, but if you want a half hour of dedicated time to sit down and go over some bit of technology or program that we can help you with, we are happy to schedule a time to meet with you at the Library.

Suggested by: Alex, the Library Technician for Main Library

Look for the next Tech Tip on Thursday, May 30th.

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