Snakes in the library. Oh My!

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Science Alive! will be coming to the library soon.  That means all things creepy, crawly, slimy, and many legged will be on display at the library.  I prefer cats and think that all our libraries should have a resident kitty, but I digress.

I will be taking my seven year old grandson to Science Alive!  We look forward to it every year.  He loves the snakes and the creepy, crawly bugs.  When he says “Grandma, aren’t they cool,”  I just nod my head and shiver a little bit.  This year, I will be prepared though and have started checking out books to better understand his fascination with all things icky.  Here is a list of some I have checked out, so when he asks me why snakes flick their tongues out, I will be able to answer, “because that is how they gather scents from their surroundings.” “Double ick.”


Now that I am armed with all things creepy crawly, I will tell you that bugs, snakes, and slithery things are not all that will be at the library on February 2nd.  I also know that while my grandson is looking forward to snakes and spiders, I will look forward to seeing up close and personal: skunks, owls, and I hear,  a reindeer also.

So, hope to see you at Science Alive! on February 2nd.  I will be the one timidly holding my grandson’s hand as he stares fondly at the snakes and oh, did I mention the alligator?



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  1. Great post! Can’t wait to bring my own grandson to Science Alive!

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