‘Tis the season…. for weddings


If you are wondering about the title, I originally started writing this blog back in December. Me being lazy, I decided that the title was still captivating enough, mainly because of the confusion as to why I am using the “Tis the season” part. Well, I could justify it by comparing how both Christmas and weddings are a time of joy, wonder, and family. Or for the pragmatically minded, I could point out how expensive they both are. Honestly though, I just didn’t want to have to come up with a new title. Titles are difficult. You have to be interesting, witty, or clever. You have to capture your audience’s attention, competing against every other title, sub-title, and blurb on the website. My backup title was “The Season of Faith’s Perfection” which satisfies my need to be clever (if you have seen Finding Forrester and remember the title of the article), but is even more confusing than my current title. Also, I would have had to cite the source to avoid plagiarizing (refer back to me being lazy), and man, citing sources is annoying. Don’t believe me? Check out the MLA Handbook for writers of research papers.

Now that I have fully justified my reasoning for the title, we can get to the true purpose of life, the universe, and everything else: debt, I mean weddings. I look fondly on the topic because I am engaged. As such, I have had to answer a lot of important life decisions such as: What is our song? How many groomsmen should I have? Who is this man that is marrying us? Why, oh why are we registering for different versions of things we already own? I still have not found a satisfactory answer to the final question-perhaps something about boosting the economy in a time of recession and the position of Venus. That being said, I truly can not complain much, the wedding planning seems to be going rather smoothly, and I imagine will continue to do so up until the first thing goes catastrophically wrong (getting roses instead of tulips…I shudder at the thought). In my own wedding, there are two things that I am without reservation looking forward to: The local Irish band that will be teaching us jigs and the 5 wedding cakes. That’s right, 5 wedding cakes. A groom’s cake of one flavor, a three-tiered wedding cake with 3 different flavors, and a small round cake for freezing and eating a year later. A tradition that I have mixed feelings about. Cake should be eaten, but the growing anticipation that you will have a cake a year later is nice too.

All that being said, there is a lot of planning involved in a wedding; thankfully I am involved in very little of it. But of course, there have been a few resources that have been invaluable to us in our time of need, here are a few:

Google Docs

I bet you thought I would immediately recommend some library books right? Well, in this case you are wrong. We have been using a specific Google docs excel spreadsheet called the All-in-One Wedding Planner. The title says it all, it has more than 15 different spreadsheets to track each facet of the wedding, from guest lists to expenses and is sharable through Google drive. As much as I hate watching the numbers add up, it would be even scarier not knowing, and having everything accessible at any time and at any location is very nice. Of course we still need a notebook to hold the paper receipts, documents, and information. I also enjoy knowing how much of my money is gone already, and how much is still going to disappear.


If you have not run afoul of Pinterest yet, you will eventually. This particular Pinterest board has 527 pictures of wedding cakes. Pinterest has a board for everything. When researching ideas and samples for a wedding, it becomes an invaluable tool (instead of the addiction that I may have previously claimed it was). Ribbons, stationary, cakes, dresses, table cloths, venues, flowers and more. Pin everything you like to your own board to visit later or make it available to sit down with your fiancé and show him hundreds of pages of wedding images because he will absolutely want to see them all.


Ok, now I can recommend some library books:

The Everything Wedding Book

This is a great starter book, even if you think you know everything, take a minute to browse the table of contents to see if you are forgetting anything. Also, if you are a man, this book will explain everything you didn’t know. Which is everything. Reading this book will show how truly dedicated you are to helping, and possibly making things worse. Remember men, don’t argue, just agree.


The Clueless Groom’s Guide

I really do love it when the title says everything you need to know. Although it kind of makes me feel quite useless. I wonder if this kind of phenomenon is hurting the careers of reviewers world wide. Hopefully it doesn’t affect my salary. Granted, if my writing affected my salary, I would have a lot to worry about. I couldn’t try to raise the people up against the establishment, or go off on wild tangents instead of reviewing a book.


The Handcrafted Wedding

The subtitle of this book says “more than 300 fun and imaginative handcrafted ways to personalize your wedding”. This has some excellent ideas that are creative and more importantly in my mind, do-it-yourself. So you get the benefits of being interesting and creative, while also saving money. What makes it even better is you can conscript your family members to help so that everyone feels involved and you can just supervise. So, like I said, this is a wonderful book.


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