Cats! (and other lesser beasts)


When I was younger I used to be crazy about animals. I would beg for weeks to gain a new puppy. Fruitlessly in most cases, but eventually they gave in. Man did I love that dog, Harley by name. I had recently been gifted a motorcycle you see, and as in everything became maddeningly caught up in all things motorcycle.

Fast forward fifteen years or so, and I have now reached the point when I can no longer claim to be an animal lover. It comes up more frequently than I would have imagined, because I am now the proud servant of two cats. All of the things that I used to not care about: fur everywhere, the smells, bodily wastes, and the costs involved; now drive me crazy. Sure it was great when I was not responsible for any clean up,  man did I have it good. Nowadays, vacuuming every few days is necessary just  to be able to see the carpet! Worse yet, my brothers no longer find my cat photos funny. They have even threatened to start screening my emails into the spam folder. This has led to my new official stance: I am a lover of other people’s animals. This isn’t to say that I dislike my own animals, even though they do steal my spot, eat my food, and one of them barely ever deigns to let me pet him. I’m not bitter. So what if they both love my fiance more than they do me; she gets to wake up with a cat sleeping on her face. I have no regrets. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats are definitely women’s best friend.

We even occasionally take to training the animals.  It  actually did not take very long at all for us to train our cats to eat at the table like more or less civilized beings.  Two cat bowls, two chairs and a few cans of fancy feast wet food were all that was needed. A week later we have cats that are vastly entertaining because they both sit in their individual chair and wait for us to feed them. For hours. The one mistake we made was not using a specific sound or alarm to tell them it was time for wet food, and they refuse to acknowledge that it is not 8:00 pm, no matter how frequently we tell them. This leads me to my recommendations! Some of these are books that can be found at the library, others are just fun things involving animals.

50 Ways to Train Your Cat

This is a delightful book filled with easy ways to train your cat. From basics such as not scratching the furniture to more advanced techniques like playing fetch. I personally love playing fetch with my cat, granted the only things that he will fetch are milk tops. But hey, progress is progress right?

TICA is having a cat showcase in the South Bend area hosted by the Great Lakes Area Cat Enthusiasts Inc. The show is being held on April 13th and 14th at the Century Center. You can view the full details at the TICA calendar website.


May marks the beginning of Dream Coach Carriages horse and carriage rides on friday nights from 7 – 10 pm here in downtown South Bend. You can check out some of their beautiful photos and pricing on their website. A 25 minute horse and carriage tour of historical Washington Street might be just the romantic event for friday night.


The book Texts from Dog is a guilty pleasure of mine. It quiet nicely fits into the category of books involving text message humor and as an added bonus, animals. The adventures of dog and his alter ego batdog and the pet related mishaps that follow are amusing to read.



As the weather turns you may enjoy bringing your dog to the Margaret Prickett Marina Park to enjoy the no-leash dog park. With a large fenced in area for dogs to enjoy with hills, sand, and woods to play in it is a wonderful place to run some energy out of your animal.


  1. Cats rule the world.

  2. I really wanted to post a video of my cats running and sitting at the table waiting for their dinner.

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