Vulcan mind melds not working for you? Try some of our databases!

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If you are doing research, or just trying to get your friend to change political parties, use SJCPL’s databases as a resource!



Our databases are perfect for gathering information for that argumentative paper you want to ace, or for gathering facts to convince your friend that you are right.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />database linkOpposing Viewpoints has amazing resources for current news or controversial topics.



Thomson Gale Legal Forms database linkConsumer Reports will give you unbiased information about everyday products.



NewsBank America's News database linkAmerica’s News offers a variety of current magazines to keep you in the know.


You can find these databases and more on SJCPL’s Databases webpage, and almost all of them can be accessed using your computer or mobile device, along with your SJCPL library card.

Happy searching!



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  1. My mind melds keep getting dropped. It’s good to know about these databases.


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