Happy Organized Holidays




I am feeling the pressure of the quickly-advancing holidays this year. Probably because we are moving my 93 year-old grandmother over Thanksgiving, and my daughter is getting married Dec. 30. So in addition to normal dinner and gift preparations, I will first be out of town, then have out-of-town houseguests,  a bridal shower, rehearsal luncheon, and oh yeah, a wedding reception for 200. Ruh roh.

In my panic, I of course turned to the internet for some organizational help. There are piles and piles of helpful stuff, thank goodness! I hit the jackpot at Organized Home.com

Of course, I had to adjust their frighteningly early calendar (which has all Christmas prep completed by Dec. 1) to reflect my schedule of not having started anything at all for the holidays just yet. But I found if I just pushed all their dates down one month, and switched decorating week with cooking week, I can still use all their checklists for my own activities.

Wow, are there checklists! Lists for spending, shoppingholiday clothes for those charming family pictures, kitchen tools to buy for serving those lovely holiday treats, card lists, gift lists, cleaning lists – you name it, they have a list for it. I love lists! They make me feel so organized!

As always, the main problem with a list is actually doing the things that are on it. Where do you find the time? And if you have the time, do you have the energy at the same time that you have the time?? Sometimes I just don’t. But that’s not the list’s fault!

I hope these tools help you as much as I hope they help me. Hang on to your gift bags – here come the holidays!



  1. Great post Mrs. B! I use Organized Home.com and enjoy it; so many great things there. Cynthia Ewer of Organized Home also has a book, ‘House Works: cut the clutter, speed your cleaning, and calm the chaos’ that I refer to regularly. SJCPL carries it. http://encore.sjcpl.lib.in.us/iii/encore/record/C__Rb1726612__Sewer+cynthia__P0%2C1__Orightresult__X4?lang=eng&suite=pearl
    Happy organizing!

  2. thank you Mrs B.!
    And thank you for sharing all of your exciting, life changing events coming up in your family’s life.
    Confidence giving!
    And dear Organized Home, I am in! As to where do I find the time?…especially when I love to do this and that…and experiment and make things…hmmm

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