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I love Pinterest. Currently I have 241 “Food” pins, 179 “Quote” pins, 161 “Crafty” pins, 80 “For the Home” pins and 44 “Funny” pins just to name a few. Like people who are vocal on Facebook but are quiet in real life,  there are a lot of pinners out there who like to pin but don’t make or do anything with them. I actually try a lot of the things I pin on Pinterest. Back before Martha Stewart went to jail and the show Trading Spaces was the hit show on TLC, I was a crafting junkie. I was a regular customer at Hobby Lobby and my house always had that glue gun burnt plastic smell. Then, I had a child and the crafter and me went dormant for awhile. I was still somewhat crafty but it was more the type that involved construction paper and glitter. Now that my daughter is 8, she is interested in drawing her own fashion designs and is showing some artistic talent herself. However, she does not want my input as I wear mostly gray and black and her idea of high fashion is more of the Punky Brewster variety with lots of bright colors, layers, and patterns. While it makes me a little sad that my daughter doesn’t need me the way she used to, her new found independence allows me a little bit of free time to do the things that I want to do. Pinterest has helped me find fun and useful ideas as well as organize them.

I am not very good cook. One of my problems is that I usually forget at least one ingredient from the recipe when shopping and then I have to just leave it out because by the time I realize the I have forgotten it, I have already started the whole cooking process and it is too late so I have to just skip it. Cooks like Ina Garten and Paula Deen who have a nicely stocked pantry, can often substitute one ingredient for another but considering my pantry contains things such as Mario Bros fruit snacks and Magic Shell ice cream topping, that doesn’t usually work for me. Anyway, one of the nice things about having a smart phone is that I always have Pinterest and all of my recipes with me on my phone so I almost never forget something I need. While I have made quite a few tasty dishes there have also been quite a few that have not turned out as expected.

One of my biggest Pinterest fails was a rainbow cake in a jar. When I saw this on Pinterest I thought it was the perfect idea for my daughter’s birthday. It is just her and I at home so regular sized cakes are just too big and cake always goes to waste. Plus, the cake was super cute (see first pic). Unfortunately,my cake ended up looking like a dye t-shirt made by a hyperactive kid at summer camp. No pretty rainbow layers, just a pile of mushy cake that looked like a soggy bowl of Fruity Pebbles.Luckily, she is still young enough that she was fine just eating the blob of frosting and sprinkles that were on top. Unfortunately, I did not learn from the cake in a jar disaster because I also tried cake in a mug. This recipe was supposed to be super easy. Just mix up all the ingredient in a coffee mug, stick it in the microwave for a few minutes and presto! a cake. It was super easy, it just looked and tasted awful. Another cute Pinterest cooking idea was heart-shaped cupcakes. A marble placed just outside the cupcake liner while baking was supposed to make a cute indentation in the cupcake making it look like a heart. Unfortunately, marbles are round, and round things often roll, resulting in a cupcakes that look more smooshed than heart-shaped.

Another Pinterest fail also took place on my daughter’s birthday. The idea of this pin was to have dozens of helium balloons floating on the ceiling above your child’s bed so when they woke up the morning of the birthday they would be surprised by the beautiful balloons floating above them. I originally planned to put the balloons in my daughter’s room just after she fell asleep but then decided against that plan since I figured they might float away from her bed during the night ruining the surprise. I decided to instead get up early and put them over her bed before she got up for school. Unfortunately, the dreaded snooze alarm and an over eager birthday girl ruined that plan and she instead just got a regular bunch of balloons along with her Cheerios at the breakfast table.

Despite all my Pinterest missteps I have actually had more successes than failures. I made a pretty cool birdbath (as birdbaths go). My daughter had fun last Easter with a glow-in-the dark egg hunt. I also made some pretty delicious pasta salad, good chicken piccata and cute deviled egg chicks. If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest SJCPL has materials and a friendly staff available to help you get started!

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