A few of my favorite fall things

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Every year when the weather turns cooler and the leaves turn color, there are some things that are seasonal have-to-dos for me and mine. We drink hot spiced apple cider with donuts. We go through a corn maze. We go on a hayride and have a bonfire.  We have the first hot cocoa of the year. We visit a pumpkin patch and carve jack o’lanterns.

If any of this sounds fun to you, make time to do some and let them become your favorites, too.

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  1. I have something I love about all the seasons, but the fall has its own feel and smells. Falling leaves, bonfires, surprisingly warm days, cold nights, and the full harvest moon. All those things you mentioned.

    After all these years I still think about the new semester/school year in the fall (and I liked school!). But there’s something else. It starts getting darker earlier and as a kid when I was out after dark it I felt the link to that mysterious spooky world of the imagination. It felt like we were out later, even when our curfew didn’t change. Halloween wouldn’t work in any other season, and (sorry parents) I bet it doesn’t feel right before dusk (or, God forbid, on another day). I still feel that thrill about being out after dark. Especially in the fall.

    And hot cider does sound pretty good right about now. Thanks.

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