New Seasons


I can tell that summer has transitioned to fall in two ways: the leaves on the tree in my backyard begin to change color and fall much earlier than every other tree in the world, and my favorite television shows begin airing again. In case you don’t mark the change of seasons in this particular fashion (and, really, how could you unless you are in my backyard. You’re not, are you?) I’m here to tell you that we’ve already experienced quite a few television premieres–with plenty more to come.

We saw the return of our favorite scientists in The Big Bang Theory, as well as the forensic genius of Temperance Brennan from Bones. We have been delighted by the always hilarious Modern Family, and everyone’s favorite staff in The Office. Not to mention other fan favorites like New Girl, Two and a Half Men, Glee, Revenge, and Grey’s Anatomy.

The best part? SJCPL has the previous seasons of all these shows available for checkout, so we don’t have to sit around scratching our heads wondering what in the world is happening to our beloved characters. Summer is long and my memory isn’t so wonderful after a few months on the beach with nary a thought to Caltech or Sheldon Cooper. This is the perfect solution! I recommend you stop by the library and check out the last season of your favorite show (or multiple seasons if you want to watch marathon-style) and give your brain a refresher course.

Still to come are the fall premieres for 30 Rock, American Horror Story, Supernatural, Community, Gossip Girl, and The Walking Dead. So, if you’re like me and can’t remember what Liz Lemon was up to a few months ago, or couldn’t finish watching American Horror Story because it was just way too scary (maybe watching during the day will alleviate some of my terror?) there is still time to catch up before the new seasons air. Visit your local library branch today to check out previous seasons, or maybe even discover a new show! Happy viewing!

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