Consumer Reports to the Rescue!


If you ever need a new phone, just log on to our Consumer Reports database from anywhere with Internet access, using your library card.  It’s a great resource to have when you need to buy potentially expensive household item.

First, type in “cell phones” or “smart phones” in the search box.

Then click on the “Ratings” tab.

On the left side, click on “Show only Recommended.”

If you want certain provider (Ex. Verizon), or brand (Ex. Samsung) make sure that item is checked.

Adjust the price pointer on the left to set your preferred price range.

Voila! Your ratings overview is automatically available for you on the page!

I actually had to do this search yesterday for myself. Luckily, I ended up not having to get a new phone, but I was really glad it was so quick and easy to find quality recommendations.

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