London 2012 Olympics Ends With a Party


Can you believe it’s actually over?

A little over two weeks ago, the world became captivated by the 2012 Olympic summer games in London. An event, where nations around the world get together to compete, form new friendships and cheer for each other. The Olympics make me believe that the World Peace is a possibility.

As much as I’d enjoyed watching the Beach Volleyball and synchronized swimming, and all the drama of the heartbreaks, victories, tears of joy or sobs of sadness, it’s all, finally, come to a close.
The closing ceremony was a huge concert full of blasts from the past (Hi, Fatboy Slim!) and newbies taking charge.

Like the Olympic torch passing from one runner to another, the London games’ closing ceremony was an all-ages affair designed to show the flame of British creativity leaping from one age group to the next. Famous British performers like The Who, Elbow, George Michael, Annie Lennox, Liam Gallagher of Oasis as well as Muse (whom I enjoy listening to and they have a new album coming out in October) all performed various hits to get the crowd going. There was even an appearance by Queen, sort of, when guitarist Brian May took the stage jam session alongside Jessie J. who sang “We Will Rock You.” The 21-year-old singer Ed Sheeran sang ‘‘Wish You Were Here’’ with members of Pink Floyd and Genesis. And there was One Direction, boy band of the moment, as well as Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz — who performed their own songs, then a Bee Gees track from the golden age of disco.

One of the biggest anticipated (and rumored) appearances was the reunion of The Spice Girls, who got the crowd up and dancing to “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life.”( I can’t wait for their reunion tour. Just kidding, but if Backstreet Boys are doing it, why not them.)

It was a great show all around and a great way to show how British music resonates with everyone, no matter where they are from.  But most importantly – Music makes everything better and unites everyone!

What was your favorite part of the games? Reminisce in our comments!


  1. thanks Rada, we loved the Olympics this year, and my daughters were super excited for the Spice Girls, they were tweens when the Spice Girls were popular, and used to make up dance routines to their songs. They were showing their younger cousins who were visiting us this weekend their “signature” move of holding arms and sinking to the floor, then jumping up and switching arms and sinking again! Sounds exciting, right! Anyway, We thought the whole thing was great from opening to closing ceremony. Great job London!

  2. P.S. Where was Elton John?

  3. Oh, and Elton lives in Atlanta

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