Winners: Edible Book Festival 2012

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“[Holmes] had no breakfast for himself, for it was one of his peculiarities that in his more intense moments he would permit himself no food, and I have known him to presume upon his iron strength until he has fainted from pure inanition.”

-Dr. John H. Watson
The Adventure of the Norwood Builder

Only Sherlock Holmes, with his unwavering dedication to forensic science, would forgo food and rely solely on his mental fortitude to sustain him while he solves yet another mystery.  That’s a long way of saying — more cake for us!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle could have never imagined that for over a century fans would enjoy reading about his famous character, Sherlock Holmes.  Nor could he have imagined that those adventures would make for such delicious treats.

Thus, I am pleased to announce the winners of our Edible Book Festival for 2012!

Funniest: Vincent Sugar

This cake definitely turned heads!

Most Sherlock Holmes – Book Like: Martin’s Supermarket

One thing is certain; it’s definitely time to eat!

And the winner of –

Most Appetizing / People’s Choice / Best in Show: Bit of Swiss

There’s nothing cheesy about it!

Congratulations to Bit of Swiss for their amazing entry and thanks to all the chefs who made such wonderful and delicious cakes!  Most of all, thanks to our community who support us everyday!  It is for you that we do spectacular events like this!

Visit the SJCPL Facebook page and our Flickr page to see more of these fabulous entries.


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  1. All of these cakes are AMAZING!! They also look so yummy! Everybody did great!

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