We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!


We're going on a bear hunt!
We're going to catch a big one!
What a beautiful day!
We're not scared!

Preschoolers and caregivers, please join us tomorrow at Whistlestop
Storytime for an exciting adventure through (imagined) mud puddles,
grassy meadows and deep dark forests. And if we're very lucky, we
might even see some bears! (But have no fear, I am a very highly
trained bear-tracker and will make sure your child returns without
so much as a scratch.) In fact, I have heard about a family of three
bears in the area and plan to take you by their cozy den to see if
they are home ... 

If you are very brave and want to join us, choose from either a
10:10 a.m. hunt or an 11 a.m. hunt (no pre-registration required)
and meet us in the Storytime Room at the Main Library for some
music and deliciously-daring stories about bears. For more
information, please call Children's Services at (574) 282-4607.
(A special storytime is featured at each of our ten locations
every week through March 30th. Find out what time and location
works best for your child here.)

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