Super Powers are Super Cool!


We have a huge event coming up on February 4, 2012, at the St. Joseph County Public Library: Science Alive.

Science Alive is a look at the diverse world of science. The schedule includes everything from a program on colorful chemical reactions to hands-on experiences with things both creepy and crawly.

This cool event got me thinking about different science ideas, and anytime I start to think about things I’m not the most knowledgeable about, I try to relate it to something I understand better. In this case, it made me think, “I really wish super powers were scientifically possible.”

At some point in his or her life, almost everyone has considered what kind of super power would be the best to have and why. Well, maybe not everyone, but I know I spent many hours considering options and weighing the ups and downs of certain powers.

When I was young, for a time I thought I would want to be invisible. Invisibility seemed like it could be fun. I mean, if no one could see me, just think about how many adventures (a nice word for trouble) I could have without getting caught.

But after really thinking about it, I realized invisibility was dangerous. If you knew you would never get caught, it seems like it would be tempting to use your power for evil things, such as skipping ahead in lines, scaring innocent people, and in extreme situations, even getting away with crimes.

So after I decided invisibility was a pathway power to becoming a super villain, I settled on telekinesis.

Okay, so having the power to move things with my mind could be just as dangerous, if not more so, than invisibility, but I think I could handle it—really. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Just think about it: Never again would I have to get up to grab the television remote when it’s out of reach. And I could always use my mental power to get things off of really tall shelves.

In the end, I think being able to move things with my mind is going to be key for my future success and happiness. And come February 4th at Science Alive, I’m going to stop every science lover I can find to try to figure out a way to make it happen.


  1. Thankfully, the case for invisibility has been given good press in the Harry Potter series. While not a superpower in the traditional sense of the term, Harry’s Cloak of Invisibility (later explained to be one of the fabled Deathly Hallows of the Wizarding World) – saw invaluable use in conquering the evil Lord Voldemort. Unfortunately, for every such good treatment, there are numerous more horror stories of invisibility’s misuse. Famously including H.G. Wells’ “The Invisible Man”, these tales show us that invisibility, like any ability “super-powered” or otherwise, can be used for good or ill. As Marvel Comics’ enduring Spider-Man franchise has told us time and time again, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Whether we have powers or not, how we deal with temptation and selfishness ultimately defines how we employ our strengths and realize our dreams.

    This Friday, February 3, we’ll be able to head to the movie theater for the new film, “Chronicle” (rated PG-13). “Chronicle” uses the now-familiar “found footage” cinematography style to relate a story of average teens who gain incredible super-powers (including telekinesis). Of course, the ads for the film promise much mayhem will be caused by a least one of these youths abusing his new abilities (like cars being thrown into the air and stand-offs ensuing against the police). There’s no indication that the film will be critically-well received, and no well-known stars are attached, but its relevance to this discussion might warrant a trip to the cinema or, dare I say, a DVD rental from Sights and Sounds several months from now!

    Here’s hoping this year’s Science Alive is as spectacular as any comic book. Of course, if you want the best of both worlds, feel free to check out SJCPL’s fine collection of graphic novels (conveniently located on the library’s second floor) while you’re here for the event on Saturday!

  2. …Take it from me, having my super powers for years has been a drain and a huge legal liability. And Wonder Woman wouldn’t stop calling me. Sheesh.

  3. @Jeremy: Laughing…

    I think I would want teleportation. How convenient it would be to travel!

  4. Telekinesis – what’s the worst that can happen?

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