Hank Howls For Science Alive


One of the best days of the year at the library is the day we do Science Alive . This year, Science Alive, will be on February 4 from 10:00 am to 4:00pm.  I know what you’re thinking.  What is so hot about Science Alive?  Are you kidding?  There are no less than 6 Programs, 6 Special Science  Activities and 38 Hands-On Exhibits.

Know anybody who adores animals?  How about  reindeer, trained dogs, reptiles amphibians, fish and bees – all alive!

ARE YOU pumped up for puppets, riled up by rockets, itching for engineering, full-on for physics, amped-up for architecture, bonkers for brains, pleased with plants, rabid for rocks, rowdy for radios, maniacal for math, a fool for fossils, avid for autos, psyched for safety, radical for recycling, berserk for birds, loopy for lunar samples, slaphappy for soil, raging for robots, facinated wih forensics, lethal for lead dust, panicky about predators, obsessed with organic farms, baffled about bats, sassy for state parks that start with potato, daffy about dental societies, wacky about women pilots, valiant for veterinarians, hissing for hydration, mad about medicine, feisty about Fernwood, edgy about earthquakes, shy about sustainable energy, nuts about nano science vague about variation or finally, aggravated about alliteration?  If any of these apply to you, or someone you know, then get yourself to Science Alive on February 4 between 10:00 and 4:00 at the Main Library in South Bend. There are so many things going on at Science Alive that I just can’t mention them all. I’m certainly not going to say anything about the exhibit sponsered by the South Bend Chocolate Company as I’d like to have that exhibit all to myself.

I used to be a school teacher so my favorite part of Science Alive is watching all the children enjoying themselves while they are learning.  And I’m not in charge of any of them!


MARGINALLY USEFUL TIDBIT: A monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette in South Bend. I wonder if he defended himself.

AN ANNOYING QUESTION: A poor but clever man needed some money.  He decided to get it by making a bet with a rich man he knew.  He went up to his friend and boasted that he knew every song in the world. The rich man laughed and said sing me a song that has the full name of my daughter in it, and I’ll give you all the money in my wallet.  Her name is Abigail Slabigail Sue. After singing a short song, the poor man walked away with a smile on his face and cash in his pocket. What song did he sing?







































Author: hank

I am married with two daughters and one grandchild. After teaching in the inner city of South Bend, IN for many years, I now work at the St. Joseph County Public Library. I started keeping track of the books I read when I was sixteen years old, and now have read over 1700 books with a page count of more than 500,000.


  1. Did he sing “Happy Birthday”? Great post!

  2. Elaine, you are way too smart!

  3. Combs her hair with a wagon wheel…

  4. Snakes, bees, and dinosaur bones were all part of the 20th Annual Science Alive at the St Joseph County Library in South Bend. Exhibits and programs filled every ground of the library all to display children different areas of science.

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