Kid Book Review: Wild River

We just finished the Summer Reading Program, but that doesn’t mean you should stop reading. Robert, a patron at the Main Library, just finished the novel Wild River by P.J. Petersen. Here’s what Robert has to say about the novel:

Name: Robert Wild River

Age: 11

I like: Fishing, golf, adventures, and kayaking

The book: Wild River by P.J. Petersen

This book was about: Two brothers on a wild kayak trip

The best part was when: Ryan got help

I laughed when: Ryan sang one of his songs

I was worried when: Ryan found Tanner unconscious

I was surprised when: Ryan caught a fish bare-handed

This book taught me: To be prepared for everything

Other kids reading this book should watch for: Wild bears

A word that best describe this book is: Adventurous

My favorite line or phrase in this book is: Moving fast, floating free. River demon can’t stop me.

You should read this book because: It is an adventure-filled book with lots of action

Thank you, Robert, for a great book review! If you are a kid who would like to share your recommendation, stop by Children’s Services at the Main Library or the Francis Branch!

One Comment

  1. Thanks for writing a great review Robert! You might want to try a book I just read called Dark Life by Kat Falls–it’s similar to Wild River but is set in the ocean–the story takes place in the future, and families settle on the ocean floor in order to own land and survive. The main character, Ty, is strong and smart, and there are scary bad guys, adventure, conspiracy, and families reunited.